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Father Weeps as Court Hears of Recurring Nightmares Since Son's Murder
Thur 15th Jan 2015, Yellow Advertiser

BRECK Bednar's father Barry wiped tears from his eyes as a court heard about 'horrible dreams' which have plagued him since his son's murder.

Mr Bednar was looking after his son while Breck's mother was away in Spain, when Daynes encouraged the boy to lie to his father and spend the night at his home.

Daynes sent Breck instructions on where he should tell his father he was going, fabricating a story about staying with a friend in Caterham.

Breck followed the instructions and went to Daynes's home in a taxi booked and paid for by the killer, who murdered him the following morning.

In a witness impact statement, read by prosecutor Richard Whittam QC, Mr Bednar said: "I have the feeling that I let Breck down, that I did not protect him. I can't live with the thought that I didn't protect him from that. He was too young to have to experience the pain and fear that he must have gone through."

The statement said that since his son's death, he suffered from 'dreams of Breck crying for me, dreams of Breck in pain'.

He said: "Breck has lost his childhood, his adulthood, his life. Someone has stolen that from him and in doing so has ruined so many lives."

Mr Whittam told the court that the impact on Breck's mother Lorin LaFave had been 'physical as well as mental'.

He said she had suffered from a buzzing in her ear ever since she received news of her son's death. Her sense of smell had also been affected, as well as her eyesight, and she had been 'unable to return to work'.

He said: "She jumps at noises and everything to her is very scary now."

Mrs Justice Cox told Breck's parents, who are divorced, that they were not to blame for his death.

She said: "They are clearly devoted, very loving parents and the events that led to Breck's death realistically involved matters over which they had no control."


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