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Killer Calmly Lies to Police in Chilling 999 Call
Thur 15th Jan 2015, Yellow Advertiser

POLICE have released the 999 call in which Lewis Daynes calmly reported Breck Bednar's death.

In the six-and-a-half minute call he twice asks the police operator to stop interrupting him and checks that the conversation is being recorded.

In it he coolly relays a bogus story about Breck feeling suicidal, then 'losing control', grabbing a knife from Daynes's bedside unit and trying to stab him.

He claims the pair struggled over the weapon, telling the police operator: "I, in self-defence, put my left arm up to block him from stabbing me, effectively.

"We struggled. I got him to the ground. He got up. I got the knife. Can you not interrupt me with this part, because it's being recorded anyway, isn't it?

"I grabbed the knife and stabbed him once in the back of the neck, I believe somewhere near the brain stem.

"He turned around and tried to carry it on and I stumbled on my chest of drawers, fell over. I got back up backed away and I don't remember exactly what happened but the fight ended with me cutting his throat. I believe I turned around and I slashed his throat."

Forensic evidence later proved Breck had been restrained with duct tape and had likely had his throat slashed from behind.

Mrs Justice Cox said in court on Monday that Daynes's guilty plea to the murder charge served as an admission that the entire story had been fabricated.

In a secret media briefing before the sentencing hearing, lead officer DI Anne Cameron said Essex Police released the tape recording to demonstrate Daynes's manipulative character.

She said: "There are two reasons for playing the tape to you. One is to understand the first information that we had as the police. But the other is, I'm sure you got a flavour of the controlling nature that Lewis Danes has when he is talking to other people, and obviously that is quite apparent within that tape."


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