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'Play Virtual, But Live Real';
Breck Bednar Murder Spawns Foundation to Protect Other Kids Online
Thur 15th Jan 2015, Yellow Advertiser

BRECK Bednar's family has launched a foundation to prevent more children succumbing to online grooming.

On a website for the Breck Bednar Memorial Foundation, his relatives described the 'dedicated student', who attended St Bede's School in Redhill, as 'a kind, well-liked, intelligent, thoughtful, independent, resourceful, responsible boy with a good sense of humour and a thirst for knowledge'.

The foundation has created wristbands bearing the slogan, 'Play Virtual/Live Real'.

In a witness impact statement read in court on Monday, Breck's mother Lorin LaFave said: "I feel so weakened from this horrible tragedy. I want Breck's story to save others from the pure evil in this world."

At a media briefing last week, she explained more about the foundation.

She said: "Even though Breck was a very clever boy, he was too good to recognise the evil and lies and manipulation of someone behind a computer screen.

"We created this tagline to help teenagers embrace and understand that whilst the internet is a wonderful tool for learning and gaming and socialising, and it's great fun to play virtual, we need these online relationships to stay virtual to keep them safe.

"Hopefully by teenagers wearing these wristbands, they will embrace this concept and understand the huge difference between a real friend and a possibly dangerous online friend."

For more information, visit

Essex Police said anyone with concerns about keeping their children safe could call its helpline on 01245 282103.

The line is manned between 4.30pm - 8pm.


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