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Joram Bakumanya Murder Trial
Charles Thomson reports from the murder trial of Joram Bakumanya, who reportedly stabbed chef Daniel Mitchell-Monroe to death as the victimdefended his young niece
January 2016, Yellow Advertiser

Jordan Taylor Murder Trial
Charles Thomson's dispatches from the trial of Jordan Taylor, accused of murdering young animal lover Laura Davies at their shared home on a horse and pony sanctuary
January 2016, Yellow Advertiser

Daniel Munyambu Extradition Battle
Charles Thomson's reports on the curious case of a former local councillor who claims the Kenyan authorities' bid to extradite him on fraud charges is a political plot to stop him becoming their next president
2015 - 2016, Yellow Advertiser

Up Before The Beak: Ex-Cop Kinkaid Guilty of Smuggling £300,000 Drugs Haul Inside Frozen Chickens
Mon 26th Oct 2015, Yellow Advertiser

Lewis Daynes Murder Trial
Charles Thomson's dispatches from the harrowing murder trial of Lewis Daynes, who groomed, sexually abused and executed 14-year-old schoolboy Breck Bednar.
2014 - 2015, Yellow Advertiser

SPECIAL REPORTS: Body Left Decomposing on Golf Course for Five Weeks After Bungling Search Cops Walked Past It Without Noticing
Charles Thomson's series of reports on the tragic death of Michael Redmond, who died after Essex Police ignored his family's pleas to section him, and was then left decomposing for more than a month due to officer error.
2013 - 2014, Yellow Advertiser

'I'll Never Give Up On My Child'
Charles Thomson reports from the court case of Michelle Kelly, whose child was taken away for adoption by the State even though social workers said there was nothing wrong with her parenting.
Thur 7th Nov 2013, Yellow Advertiser

SPECIAL REPORTS: Stephen Clark - Indecent Images
Stephen Clark gained notoriety after racking up one of the largest child pornography collections in British history. Read Charles Thomson's exclusive reports from his court hearings.
2011 - 2013, Mirror / Yellow Advertiser

COPS ON TRIAL: How Lord Hanningfield was unlawfully arrested by Essex Police
Charles Thomson was the only print journalist to cover Lord Hanningfield's court case against Essex Police from start to finish. Read his special report on the trial, the verdict and the reaction.
Weds 20th Feb 2013, Yellow Advertiser

WHEELY STUPID: Jobsworths Admit 'We Got It Wrong' After Health and Safety Madness Bans Disabled Benefits Claimaints From Their Own Tribunals
Thur 7th Feb 2013, Yellow Advertiser / Daily Mail / Daily Star

FULL TRIAL: Doctor Charged With Meeting 15-Year-Old Boy After Internet 'Grooming'
Charles Thomson covers the trial of former Ambulance Service CEO Anton Van Dellen, who was acquitted of grooming a young boy.
Thur 8th Nov - Thur 15th Nov 2012, Yellow Advertiser

Jehovah's Witness Church In Child Sex Scandal
Charles Thomson reports exclusively from the case of Barry Snow, who was able to continue molesting children after his church was informed but failed to report him to police.
Thur 27th Sept 2012, Yellow Advertiser

INQUEST: Doctor Committed Suicide by Powerful Anaesthetic Propofol on NHS Property, says Coroner
Weds 15th August 2012, Yellow Advertiser

Teacher's 500 Child Porn Images 'Not Excessive'; Allowed to Work with Kids Again
Charles Thomson's reports on Jonathon Saunders, a teacher who escaped jail after storing child porn on the same laptop as his students' work.
2011 - 2012, Yellow Advertiser

Axe Rampage
Charles Thomson reports from the sentencing of Paul Hyde, who caused £48,000 worth of damage on a violent axe spree after being dumped by his fiancée for the 8th time in 10 months.
Thur 5th July 2012, Yellow Advertiser

Five dispatches from the two-day 'Newton Hearing' of Rowan Diedrick, who fled a beach in Southend-on-Sea after his dog mauled a seven-year-old boy.
Weds 4th July 2012, Yellow Advertiser

YA Reporter Unmasks Pervert With 100,000 Child Abuse Images
Thur 7th June 2012, Yellow Advertiser

Man Accused of Voyeurism at Local Pool
Charles Thomson reports exclusively from the trial of Glenn Ovenden, who was accused of voyeurism in a swimming pool locker room.
Thur 24th May - Thur 7th June 2012, Yellow Advertiser

Judge Bemoans Sentencing Guidelines After Being Forced To Free Carving Fork Criminal
Thur 17th May 2012 , Yellow Advertiser

Convicted Paedophile Spared Jail After Judge Sympathises Over Press Coverage
Thur 17th May 2012 , Yellow Advertiser

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