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'My son was murdered and the CPS blundered his case. Now he will never get proper justice.'
Three teenagers admitted their involvement in a fatal vigilante attack on Darren Kelly after he was falsely branded a paedophile. But, says his mother, a CPS 'blunder' allowed them to evade justice.
Thur 25th May 2017, Yellow Advertiser

The Big Payback
Last November in Augusta, Georgia, thousands of needy people ate a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner - as they do every year - thanks to James Brown. In December, Brown's daughters handed bags of Christmas presents to over a thousand underpriviledged children. Their new academy is helping to secure college scholarships for young musicians. Charles Thomson spoke to the Godfather of Soul's friends and family about their efforts to continue his little-known humanitarian work.
Sat 2nd Feb 2013, The Orchard Times

Strange Fruit Still Falling In The Southern States
The unjust execution of Troy Davis.
September 2011, Huffington Post

How Michael Jackson's Movie Dream Turned Into A Nightmare
Michael Jackson's 'One More Chance' music video should have marked the beginning of his triumphant return to the limelight, but his comeback fell at the first hurdle when detectives raided his home and the project was abandoned. Charles Thomson speaks to the performer's colleagues, collaborators and co-stars about his little known final music video.
November 2010, Sawf News

One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History
Exactly five years after a jury returned its verdict on Michael Jackson, Charles Thomson exposes the media's shambolic coverage of the star's trial.
June 2010, Huffington Post

James Brown: The Lost Album
When James Brown died on Christmas Day 2006 he left behind a near-complete final album. Amidst the legal wrangling over he Godfather of Soul's Estate the new tracks were forgotten and never released. In this Guardian Award-winning article, Charles Thomson goes in search of the Godfather of Soul's final album.
May 2009, JIVE

The Night James Brown Saved Boston
How the Godfather of Soul turned hero in the aftermath of Martin Luther King's assassination
July 2008, Wax Poetics

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