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Praise for Charles...


Weekly Reporter of the Year (Highly Commended)
Society of Editors Regional Press Awards 2017

Local Hero (Highly Commended)
British Journalism Awards 2016

Specialist Writer of the Year (Shortlisted)
Society of Editors Regional Press Awards 2016

Weekly Print Journalist of the Year
HoldTheFrontPage Regional Media Awards 2014

Campaign of the Year (Highly Commended)
HoldTheFrontPage Regional Media Awards 2014

Newcomer of the Year (Highly Commended)
HoldTheFrontPage Regional Media Awards 2012

Feature Writer of the Year (Special Commendation)
Guardian Student Media Awards 2009


Award - Front Page



"Charles Thomson has a good writing style and is a credit to his newsroom. He is also a livewire who at times must turn his editor's hair white."
Judges, HoldTheFrontPage Regional Media Awards 2012

"I am a fan of Charles. He's a young guy having a great career and making a lot of noise. Reminds me of me way, way back in the dark ages. Like this guy a lot."
J Randy Taraborrelli, Author and Broadcaster

"Charles' work evidenced responsible reporting, confidence of contacts and readers, and consistently high journalism."
Judges, HoldTheFrontPage Regional Media Awards 2014

"A very good interviewer."
Linda Deutsch, Special Correspondent for Associated Press

"Thomson's articles and campaigns on environmental issues had a remarkable effect on improving England's most polluted area and prevented those in office from steamrolling local environmental issues. A classic example of how good, solid journalism gets results."
Judges, Society of Editors Regional Press Awards 2016

"Charles worked with a whistleblower to expose depravity and cover-ups. His entry was particularly impressive given the tight editorial resources on a free weekly local newspaper."
Judges, British Journalism Awards 2016

James Brown: The Lost Album

Feature Writer of the Year - Special Commendation Award
Guardian Student Media Awards 2009

"Fantastic - incredibly well researched, great quotes, great access and very well written. We thought it was the best piece of student journalism we'd read in a long time, if not ever."
Judge comment, Guardian Awards 2009

"The judges felt this exceptional piece of work should be recognised, remarking that the feature was 'an extraordinary sustained piece on James Brown, a poignant portrait of a man in his last days."
Judging Panel, Guardian Awards 2009

"A seminal piece of music journalism."
Tony Best, Wax Poetics

"Good job! It was right on. I don't even know how you got some of that info. Amazing."
Hollie Farris, Bandleader for James Brown

"Great job on the Brown story... An excellent read and very true."
Damon Wood, Guitarist for James Brown

The Big Payback

"Thank you Charles Thomson. God bless you, sir. You brought tears to my eyes. That was the real James Brown."
Derrick Monk, Producer and friend to James Brown

"You have produced several excellent pieces about Mr Brown and his extended family and I appreciate the quality, care and respect that is always evident in your work."
Keith Jenkins, Guitarist for James Brown

How Michael Jackson's Movie Dream Turned Into A Nightmare

"I loved your article. Very well written. Thank you for making me a part of it. It was an amazing experience that, thanks to you, I'll be able to forever re-live with my friends and family. You're much appreciated."
Ken Yesh , Supporting Cast, Michael Jackson's 'One More Chance'

"One of the best written, truest and most emotionally balanced articles on Michael Jackson's legacy... I'm so very proud and respectful of your skill level and will cherish this as a reminder of what should have evolved... My time working for Michael Jackson is something that I'll cherish for the rest of my life and your article will leave an indelible mark on my deepest, heartfelt memories."
Stuart Backerman , Publicist for Michael Jackson, 2002-2004

Michael Jackson Conspiracy

"I can say without hesitation that this is the best piece I think I've ever seen written about my career and my struggle for justice. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for working so hard to put together an absolutely stellar piece."
Aphrodite Jones, Writer and Broadcaster



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