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Michael Jackson's Xscape Origins: The First Review
Charles Thomson explores a new book by Australian journalist Damien Shields, who set out to 'right the wrongs' of the Michael Jackson Estate.
Weds 18th March 2015, Huffington Post

James Brown Biopic: Should Life Stories Really Include Fabricated Incidents?
Charles Thomson questions the motives of filmmakers who fabricated events in James Brown's biopic to justify what FBI files suggest was a wrongful conviction.
Weds 6th Aug 2014, Huffington Post

Xscape: Would Michael Jackson approve?
Drawing on the King of Pop's own written words and interviews, Charles Thomson asks what he would make of his 'new album'.
Mon 12th May 2014, Huffington Post

Review: Prince Live at Koko
Charles Thomson finally finds his way into one of Prince's 'secret' gigs.
Mon 17th Feb 2014, Yellow Advertiser

'The V You Don't See': Part Two
Don't look at Mr Murs!

Charles Thomson lifts the lid on the lesser-publicised aspects of the Virgin Media V Festival. Why does everybody have to stand still when Beyonce leaves her dressing room? And why aren't journalists allowed to look at Olly Murs?
Sun 18th Aug 2013, Yellow Advertiser

'The V You Don't See': Part One
Not Crazy In Love - Just Plain Crazy

Charles Thomson lifts the lid on the lesser-publicised aspects of the Virgin Media V Festival. After getting caught in a dangerous crush and narrowly avoiding a shower of urine, he is underwhelmed by headliner Beyonce Knowles.
Sat 17th Aug 2013, Yellow Advertiser

The Heir, Apparently
Taking in Usher's OMG Tour, Charles Thomson gets a serious case of deja vu.
February 2011, Sawf News

It's time for Oscars judges to stop taking their cues from power mad critics
London Film Festival correspondent examines this year's Oscar nominations.
January 2011, Sawf News

Making A Mountain Out Of A Molar
How TMZ turned a dental appointment into a global news story.
January 2011, Sawf News

London Film Festival:
'Conviction' May Be Divisive, But It's A Truly Important Movie
Hilary Swank's latest movie will stay with you long after you leave the cinema, says London Film Festival correspondent Charles Thomson.
October 2010, Sawf News

Michael Jackson: It's Time for Outlets to Take Responsibility in Covering the Rock Star
Last week Michael Jackson's guitarist discredited widely reported allegations about the star's behaviour on the road. So why is the media refusing to publish her comments? British writer Charles Thomson explores media bias against black music's biggest star.
March 2010, Huffington Post

Find This Man and Win £30,000
DJ and serial prankster Tim Shaw has been locked in a metal box somewhere in Britain. Can you work out where?
March 2010, Guardian G2

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