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Stephen Clark - Indecent Images

Changing Face of Child Sex Images Sicko
The YA unmasks Stephen Clark as it is revealed that child sex images have once again been found in his possession - but he will not be punished.
Thur 9th May 2013, Yellow Advertiser

Child Sex Image Pervert Breaches Order
Stephen Clark, who was jailed in 2011 for possessing almost 5million child sex images, re-offended within 13 days of his release.
Thur 25th April 2013, Yellow Advertiser

A Brentwood man has been found guilty of possessing more than 4.5million indecent images of children, downloaded through a sophistocated computer set-up he calls his 'library'. How long will he serve in prison? 15 MONTHS.
Thur 5th May 2011, Mirror / Yellow Advertiser


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